Enjoy bathing with the nature and landscape of Sounkyo.
Relax with comfortable atmosphere.


Notice to our guests 【Men/ Women, Baths】Open hour

■In the building, Onsen baths are located in 3 different area; 2nd Floor Healing Onsen, 7th Floor Aerial View Big Bath, and 7th Floor Open-Air Bath.
■Different time schedules are provided for each area. Please check prior to bathing.

3 bathing areas 2nd Floor Healing Onsen "Kei-getsu" 7th Floor Aerial View Big Bath "Kuro-Dake" 7th Floor Open-Air Bath "Choyo-Zan"
Time Zone
Days of week
13:00~ 3:00 4:00~
13:00~  3:00 4:00~
13:00~  3:00 4:00~
Mon. Wed. Fri. Women Men Men Women Women Men
Tue. Thr. Sat. Sun. Men Women Women Men Men Women

 ■Close for preparation 3:00~4:00
 ■Close for cleaning 9:30~13:00
 ■Close at 24:00 for Sauna. Re-Open at 5:00

7th Floor Open-Air Bath "Choyo-Zan"

Open-Air Bath "Choyo-Zan" has the view of Choyo-Tei. The view of Mt.Choyo-zan are beautiful and columnar joint on cliffs at Sounkyo can be observed while bathing. Men and Women area are switched in the morning and evening daily and you can enjoy both views. Enjoy the views thoroughly.



7th Floor Aerial View Big Bath "Kuro-Dake"

Enjoy the landscape of the beautiful gorge through 40 meter wide glass panel.


2nd Floor Healing Onsen "Kei-getsu"

Re-modeled on Apr. 12 in 2008. Indirect lighting enhance the calmness. Onsen comes from the mountains 1 km away with 74 degree in celcius is called "Sasa no Yu" warms your body to the core. Veiled with steam in the dusk reminds you bathing at an secret Onsen. Genuine Sauna for 20 guests are now available.



Table of Onsen Type

Type Simple spring <hydrogen sulfide >(Neutral・hypotonic・High Temperature)
Effect to High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, etc.
Spring Temperature 68℃
Spring PH 7.5
  Water added Re-heating Circulation Discharge Chlorinated
7th Floor Open-Air Big Bath ×
2nd Floor Big Bath × × ×

One-day Bathing

Open hour Reception 13:00~19:00 (※Bathing available by 20:00まで可)

 Adult : 800 JPY ( 741 JPY net of tax)
 School children : 400 JPY ( 370 JPY net of tax )
 Infant : Free of charge
Rental towels 200 JPY( 186 JPY net of tax )

※Towels may be carried-in.
One-day bathing may be unavailable for situations.
Please check with us in advance.

※Open hour may be changed during the period of Year end, New Year, Bon season, and holidays. Please check in advance.

Bathing Tour Shuttle Service

Bathing Tour Shuttle sevice between Choyo Resort Hotel and Choyo-Tei is available.
Bring your towels from your guest room and enjoy bathing at 2 different hotels.
※Riding time is approx. 5 min.


  Dpt. Choyo-Tei Dpt. Resort
6am 15/45 00/30
7am 15/45 00/30
3pm 15/45 00/30
4pm 15/45 00/30
5pm 15/45 00/30
6pm 15/45 00/30
7pm 15/45 00/30
8pm 15/45 00/30
9pm 15/45 00/30