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Sounkyo Onsen is known to one of the Hot spring in Hokkaido since Edo Era. Historic sheer rock cliffs create the view of fresh green in summer, autumnal tints of autumn, and snow in winter. The landscape attracts not only domestice tourists but also international tourists. Choyo-Tei is located on a small hill and has a view of green cliff from our big bath, reminds relaxing in nature. Dining is served in your choice; either buffet, in guest room, or the restaurant "Kita-Ban-Ya" with hearth.

Address Sounkyo Onsen, Kamikawa-cho Parking lot 120 cars (Fare free)
Phone number 81-1658-5-3241 Total number of guest room 252 rooms
FAX number 81-1658-5-3054 Sleeping capacity for 1,008 guests
Check in/ Check out 15:00/10:00 Ground plan  


Our front lobby, w/1,000 sq. meter, is desined with luxurious carpet and granite on the floor, beams with broze mirror finish. Auto-operated windows with the view of Japanese style garden for each season give you freshness.
Internet service is available at the lobby for our guests.
Please use for your convenience.
Wireless LAN is available at the lobby free of charge. Just bring your PC.
Click here for the details of FREE SPOT
Charge 100 JPY ( 93 JPY net of tax)/ 15 min. (ISDN 64kbps circuit)
※Closing time 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM

Banquet Hall

Please ask for our variety of size you need, from Big banquet hall with 480 mats size, "Ho-Ou" to small size for small party. Enjoy your banquet with your group.

Big Banquet Hall Ho-Ou (480 mats size)
Botan (qrt.size use 120 mats)
Yamabuki (qrt.size use 120 mats)
Kikyo (qrt.size use 120 mats)
Hakubai (qrt.size use 120 mats)
Mid-Banquet Hall Asagiri (42 mats size)
Ariake (42 mats size)
Yuugiri (42 mats size)


Vending machines

Items include Alcohol, and soft drink are sold in regurar price.

Number of Machines
Items Price
Soft drink in PET bottle 500ml 160 JPY( 148 JPY net of tax)
Canned soft drink 130 JPY( 120 JPY net of tax)
Canned beer 350ml 250 JPY( 231 JPY net of tax)
Canned beer 500ml 320 JPY( 296 JPY net of tax)
Low-malt Beer 350ml 180 JPY( 166 JPY net of tax)
Low-malt Beer 500ml 240 JPY( 222 JPY net of tax)
Canned Shochu mixed with soda water 350ml 180 JPY( 166 JPY net of tax)